We are at an initial stage in our current endeavor, but old in wisdom. We are excited because Rainbow Tissue & Paper Industries Ltd. is now in an unprecedented growth mode. It’s anenviable situation, some what like a startup Paper Board Manufacturing company that already has financial liquidity and valuable assets to exploit.We, at Rainbow Tissue & Paper Industries Ltd. constantly make every effort to learn and grow, adopting new technologies to achieve our target of having one of the best corporate governance systems in Bangladesh and want to significantly expand our presence in the international market also.We are dedicated towards excelling in the quality of our products and services as well as our work ambience. We believe the chief component in maintaining our growth is innovation – innovation in adopting new technology, work practices, and strategic awareness. Our main resource is people and their skills and devotion for what we have nurtured, and based on this excellent human capital we will continue to reach ever greater heights.We intend to shape our business plan to keep expenses relatively low and allow current or future employees to focus on their areas of expertise so that we may focus on future growth.We strongly abide by the prescribed rules of a strong environmental policy to keep the environment Clean & Green. We believe that every responsible company should have some social commitment to the society. It is our part of strategy to invest in environment management for wellness of society and contributing towards the ecological balance of our world. We also have high-tech Quality measurement while maintaining effective cost competitiveness. We have already started the process for getting ISO-certified from the internationally recognized certification body.We would like to once again thank our customers further strengthen our mutually beneficial relationship with them.Thank you for your continued confidence in and support of Rainbow Tissue &Paper Industries Ltd.

With warm regards